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i just got back from soup at atlanta bread company with lauren phil adam and jess hoffman who i dont know but she seems cool. after that we walked around target and such.

My mom and dad went to florida today and its just me and my brother.. and right now all i hear is dun dun duuun dun dun dunn dun so when it comes time for me to go to bed and i still hear it hes dead. hes in the fucking basement and im upstairs, theres 40's all in the fridge and random people in my house. well at least i have cheddar and the sour cream chips and the inferno shall be on soon.

ps. jacki fucking rules.
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yo im getting ready to go hang out with adam and pom. real world night. word. i suck at updating deal with it. i like life. its good today. maybe ill update more later but until then add me on my space.
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on friday me lauren adam and mike went to the tsl show. it was mad cold outside but then we got in and the place is huge and there were so many kids. it was craaazy hot and crowded but when with the "crew" we make the best of it. mike gave hugs to every male at the show and adam and mike slow danced in the pit cause no one else went in and then me and lauren did it haha.

yesterday my sister came over and we just dropped her off in madison a few hours ago. hippie. it was cool seeing her. oh yea and i redyed my hair "butterscotch creme with dark golden blonde highlights". i think it looks the same as it did but whatever.

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on the twelfth day of christmas,
my friendster gave to me...
12 tight black t-shirts.
11 pairs of diesels
10 vegan cookies
9 LJ comments
8 kids-a-moshin
7-inch rare vinyl
6 hot topic gift cards
I'm in chaos crew!
4 backstage passes
3 drug free X's
2 sets of dog tags
and my first pair of sauconys

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i ordered presents for people! fun! christmas is the best. wow i love life snow, christmas presents its the best. good times. i want to go sledding tomorrow. my birthday is in like 12 days. good stuff. life rules, the end.
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okay i just wrote an update and then my computer was gay and deleted it. anyway life is pretty good it has its bad times but mostly its all good. my birthday is soon 16 days. in one year and 16 days ill be an adult. scary shit. when i came home today my parents had the pirates movie for me. i watched it right away.

buy me stuffff.

i dont know what to wear tommorow. oh well.
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i shall be leaving tommorow morning for las vegas. so yea dont update too much i dont wanna have to come back and read 2357235098 entries. this will be my first time on a plane, first time out of the tri-state area. hopefully i wont die on this plane.

anyway last night was fun. <333 its sad that i asked all teachers for work for this week and they all said we arent really gonna do work or anything. so all i have is some math problems.

ill miss you people.

ps. adams mommy had a baby last night aww her name is Michal. aww.
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